Saturday, July 26, 2014

Louboutin Nail polish....

From the Egyptians to the Romans, coloured nails, were a sign or wealth, health and prestige living. 
Today.... it's no big deal and almost everybody has at one point nail polish on. 
Classic red nails are not so common any more.... I actually love them and use it sometimes. These days, there are brands galore of nail polish.... I can't even tell you if I prefer a brand! 

I know this is not normally a topic I would put on the blog, but after I started to illustrate the new Louboutin nail polish, I was reading about the product.

 I love the bottle design! The colours are actually stunning. The dramatic heel top is gorgeous and the facet bottle looks great.
So, if you want to buy it, it's available next month for 50$ a bottle!
And if you think 50$ is a lot,read this

How often do you change your manicure?

It's made in the USA with a triangle brush and has UV protection. 
Only 2 coats are enough to make your nails shine. No air bubbles and flawless coverage! 
I actually love this! 

If you love this print and see it on your vanity, closet area or on your true fahionista wall, you can get it here



  1. Amazing collaboration!
    I do my nails twice a week.


  2. Those bottles are works of art!!! I can only imagine how quickly they'll fly off shelves the world over. Oh, how I've love to add one to my own nail polish collection. Doubt it will happen, but you never know!

    ♥ Jessica


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