Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tea and me

Drinking tea is to me almost like religion is to believers. If I don't have a cup a day... I feel like something is missing. 
The way you start your day can add a lot of positive energy and flavour  to your day. 
Starting the day with a cup of tea... is the best.... for me. 

I try to drink every day another type of tea. 
Green tea, peppermint, pu-erh-tea, rose black, etc....
If I feel like coffee, I start the day with that and have my tea in the afternoon!

Taking 10 minutes out of my day to make tea is special. You focus on a simple thing and refocus on reality. 
Smelling the delicious blend coming together by adding perfect temperate water. 

What tea are you drinking?


  1. White Green Tea with Honey! I love it. Your work is awesome!

  2. I love tea too, especially green tea :)
    Gorgeous illustration!


  3. I need my coffee in a morning to open my eyes:-)
    Hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena


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