Friday, August 26, 2011

Moisturizing SOS!

Moisturizing lotions, creams...- It'a a beauty jungle out there! I need help! Johnson's, L'oreal, Penaten, Biotherm,  Neutogena, Nivea ( dies my skin totally out!) St Ives ( just not for me... it's drying my skin even more...)Revlon, Aveeno, Eucerin, Cetaphil, Laura Mercier, Dove, Alba, Clinique, Shisheido- like the compact powder, Avon, Oliva, Biore, Clarins etc... and the list goes on!


I have seen this new cream yes to... Anyone who tried it?

I am thinking about to start using Olay total effect 7 in 1...... over 30 now so I guess it's time to use something to keep my skin in shape! LOL

I was using Olay a few years ago for a short time and it felt ok so far... 

Thank you all for your advice! It is much appreciated! 

What are you using! 

PS: I do not want to break the bank by the way! 
La Mer, Synactif Intensive Cream at 1000$ a pop..., Carita- I would love to but at 360$ , I hope one day!...
Guerlain's - a drop of cream for over 200$!
Mon Dieu!

Thanks again you wonderful bloggers! 

PS: I have normal skin! Break outs only on my lady time! ;) 


  1. nice product ... now available in Pakistan too ........ i love Olay

  2. Olay is good, I used few years ago.However i find olive oil helpful,specially when i dry. Hope it works for you

  3. I love Olay products and use them a lot.
    Thank you for sharing..
    Ask Erena

  4. Eu folosesc Bebe,deci asta iti recomand. Miros frumos,sunt delicate si recipientele au un design mai mult decat dragut. :)


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