Monday, August 22, 2011

It's a girl! New Envelope and card!

 I do not have kids so far but if I ever get the opportunity o have a baby shower... this is how I would like to invite my friends....
This is my new envelope and card design!

You can buy this envelope set in Etsy shop! 



  1. so unique ... i like ur art work ...

  2. Thanks :) Sahrish Shamim Soon I will put in the shop the baby Krishna envelopes... work for a while on them now ... :)

  3. Ce simpatica e ideea! Am vazut ca mai ai si alte modele. Apropo,ilustratia pentru zodia scorpion e pe undeva? Nu am gasit-o.

  4. :) Very cute design. So much better than the very over-done stalks or the lacy, heart-ridden, mushy stuff :)


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