Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pin, pin and pin....

I have to admit that pinning is almost an addiction now! I love to discover new ideas the latest fashion and so much more... Are you a pinner?
It's a wonderful platform to collect ideas and to develop concepts mood boards and showcase my latest designs. 

How do you use Pinterest and what do you love about?
What did you pin today and why?

Share your Pinterest with me and my dear followers! 


Ps: this is what I pinned before going to bed! 



  1. Gorgeous post! I'm @couturecarrie or Carrie Critton on Pinterest. I'll find you!


  2. Massively so! I was a fairly early adopter of Pinterest and have been a devoted fan and user ever since. I'm already following you there (I'm @vintageblog) and always enjoy seeing watch catches your eye and creative spirit on that site.

    Happy pinning!!!
    ♥ Jessica


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