Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bridal favours.....

When it comes to Bridal Shower, you want to not only have the perfect food, perfect venue, and a great atmosphere, you wan to have the perfect and unique goodies to share! 

You want your party to be remembered and make a good impression! 
There are many themes that you can go for but my favour is still the classic High Tea Bridal Shower! 

Finger food, 

Sweet treats, 

and custom made gifts to remember! 

A simple custom gift would be a High Tea Envelope with the Bride's Favourite Tea flavour! 

I had the pleasure to make a bride happy today by creating these one of a kind High Tea Envelopes for her. 

Like a true fashionista I combined the love of perfumes and specially Chanel No 5 Perfume bottle design with her favourite spice tea. 

Since it was such a success, I decided to offer this amazing design to everybody in my Etsy Shop
You can pick the same design, if you like Chanel No 5 just with a custom text or you can create your own custom design! 
Pick your favourite perfume bottle and your favourite tea and I will custom design your party favour! 

I am exiting to create and make a bride and her guests happy! 


PS: Drink tea and happiness with touch your taste buds! 


  1. Those strawberries are perfection!


  2. Gorgeous door tie! Makes it feel inviting, great idea to pass along to my cousin who will wed this Fall. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh my word, those might just be the most beautiful chocolate dipped strawberries I've ever seen. My plain milk or dark (or tuxedo) ones suddenly seem so pedestrian by comparison (but no less delicious! :D).

    Have an awesome new week, dear Lorena!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. How very very cute ! I loved it when attention is paid to details.
    I have two upcoming weddings and have attended a shower for one of them already..


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