Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Every design has a story.....Avis Argentum

Every design has a story......
For me it all starts with a mood board

After the mood board is created, colours melt and thread is ready to be used a title needs to be given...

Since I am working on a very special limited collection inspired by Australian Birds, 
I decided to call this unique piece 
Avis Argentum

I love working with high quality threads like silver cords and silk elements so to me it was natural to call the statement piece Avis Argentum, - silver bird

Step by step the design takes shape and each moment closer to the end product is a journey every designer is keen to explore, from exiting new ideas, experiments, materials and of course quality checks! 

Every product out there deserves to be unique and to shine, this is only possible with quality control! 
When it comes to jewellery, some products are simply a pain and you see that it was made in a hurry and not much love was put into. 

Each product I offer when to a very strict quality check. 
I would never offer a product that I would not wear myself- this is called self-respect! 

You need to respect your client like you would respect yourself! 
Every single piece is checked over and over again so the customer can receive the highest quality product. 
It needs to be original, in perfect condition and fun! 

Step by step it will be checked for design, thread quality, neatness, etc... only the best materials will be used to create each piece. 
The stones are picked with care and have significance, the colour combo and design will have a theme that stand out and the feel good sensation is a bonus! 

You an be sure, that if you buy from us you not only buy quality, you buy an experience, a unique product that last! 

Workmanship and an eye for details are our goal! 
We all want to have something special and feel special, a piece of jewellery can make you feel special! 

If you are interested in more Avis Australis designs, please visit the Etsy Shop for unique designs.
Custom orders are welcome! 

So make a statement! 


PS: All necklaces are 50%off at the moment, so hurry and grab a bargain! 


  1. Love the purple! Gorgeous work!


  2. I truly agree, whether you're selling a handmade item, a vintage one, a modern piece, or providing a service (not a type of goods), you need to respect your client/customer like you do yourself. Excellent advice, dear Lorena - and what a strikingly lovely piece you've created here. The grey and purple are stunning together!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Gorgeous. XOXO

    mimi at the INSIDER


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