Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Diva Dog.....

Is your dog a diva?

If you answered with yes, this is maybe the perfect gift for you and your dog! 

How about a pet portrait?
Something that shows not only your status in society but also the status of your dog! 

"More is more, and less is a bore...."  like Iris Apfel said.....
You can never dress down, this goes for you and why should we make an exception when it comes to the pets?

So spoil yourself and your pet.... visit the Etsy Shop not only for unique pet custom art, but for limited edition prints! 

I am looking forward to meet you and your beloved pet! 



  1. Pets are family too! So many pets are just as spoiled as kids. It really makes sense that pet portraits are something to splurge on. =0)


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