Monday, March 16, 2015

How I shop for supply......

Inspiration can come from everywhere....
When I am looking for thread to buy I choose the colour, the type of thread by a mood, a theme or simply by liking it. Texture, colour, mood, even a simple bird can influence my design. 

And once I found what I love..... I stick to it and would like to offer it in my Etsy Shop as well! 
We don;t have many colours at the moment but what we have is simply delightful! 
So if you like to do embroidery, tatting, lace, point lace or weaving check us out! 

When I picked the tangerine orange colour I was actually inspired by the beautiful orange trees!

Pink was inspired by the gorgeous, soft cheery trees in Japan that make me smile and dream.

How do you shop for your supplies?



  1. Gorgeous colours, inspiration, and creations. I usually shop for craft supplies based on budget, what I need, and what I love. When I look at an item, if it's not a super basic thing (like, say, glue or a ruler), I want it to evoke an instant rush of inspiration that leads me to picture a potential project for it right then and there. Whether that project comes to light is another matter, but I know that if I get that feeling, it's a good buy and that I will most likely create something fun with it one day.

    Oodles of hugs coming your way, dear Lorena,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I am the worst when it comes to shopping for supplies. I buy things that i later have no idea what I originally thought I would do with it !

  3. Buying supplies is really a love/hate relationship for me, because I could seriously over-buy just about every single time. You're so right about inspiration coming from everywhere. It's fun to see yours!


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