Monday, March 9, 2015


Today something different..... I have been living in a few countries, and a few continents from my beloved Europe to North America and now Australia. 
I grew up with specific  habits depending on the country. Being half German and half Romanian I do some stuff typical German....and other stuff typical Romanian. 

The 3 P's! 
Yes it;s totally German! Guilty! 
Punctuality, Practicality and Planning! Yup I can;t changes it comes naturally and I guess it will stay with me! Now living in sunny Brisbane Australia I "try" to adapt and bend a bit the rules on the 3 P's! It;s hard! Very Hard! 

Quark is my favourite dairy... so German and yum! Solution.... German stores! 

They say Germans are "cold" WRONG.... I would say we are more "RESERVED" 
It takes us time to adjust to new ideas, new people and warm up to a new environment. 
Living Down under and specially in sunny Queensland people are super friendly and smiley all the time! I love it and started to be more open minded when meeting new people. Must be the sun! 

I am a "BREAD" Lover and this is even doubled Coz Romanians and Germans are nuts for Bread! Since I do Paleo Bread is my cheat meat! 

German love rules and the Romanian part in me struggles sometimes with that on certain things. LOL 
When it comes to the Romanian Blood in me ( I'm from Transylvania) I love to relax, my clothes have to be impeccable,  I believe in Eastern European Elegance, I am a fan of real fur, and leather products, I believe that gloves and hats are still a fashion must. 

I do miss my elegant winter outfits, but no complains about the weather here in Brisbane, I love the idea of waking up and you know it's gonna be a warm, sunny pleasant day! So my fashion these days.... relaxed elegance.... maxi dresses, lace, cotton, linen, vibrant and colour crazy. 

Riding with Umbrellas! Yes, it;s a German thing and almost mastered to perfection! I on the other hand don;t go near a bike.... it;s so Romanian! 
Germans love to eat and are meat lovers all the way! Be surprised not but Germans love curry sausages. No issues here coz Romanians are nuts about meat and don;t understand the concept of vegan and vegetarian! 

Collecting jars, and bottles is a typical Romanian thing to do..... My hubby is amazed how many jars and bottles I put away..... Since living in Australia I slowed down a bit! I'm not a neurotic recycler any more! 

David Hasselhoff....guilty! Must be the German part in me! LOL

Things like flip flops are strange to Germans.... Now I live in a country that is crazy for flip flops! 
So I make a compromise by buying summer shoe wear from Crocs

So I go wild for these type! Wild Sexi Flip

Germans and Romanians love Coffee and Cake.... so no surprise I am crazy for it, but it does not have to be at sharp 4pm like I am used to! LOL 

A coffee on the go or a stop in a chic cafe shop or bistro is a must-  Of course not daily! 

Drinking! Germans Love Beer and Romanian Love it as well! But I am more of a wine drinker.... Since Romania is a Wine Country ...... I go with wine. Australia loves to drink and to me Oktoberfest in Brisbane is a must! 

I am exited to go this year as well and a new edition to the family will be introduced to the German culture of , sauerkraut,  pork knuckle, pretzel, treats and so much more! 

So enjoy, adapt and never forget your roots and culture! Pass it on and carpe diem! 



  1. Amazing post!
    Love that fur skirt!


  2. What an engaging, beautiful post, sweet Lorena. I truly feel like I know you so much better now and love that you shared such a wealth about yourself, your tastes, you perceptions of different cultures, and even some of your favourite foods with us. Thank you for doing so. You rock, my lovely friend!

    ♥ Jessica


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