Friday, October 24, 2014

Who is that girl?

Remember her?....

Renee Zellweger.... aka Bridget Jones 

A crazy week is almost gone and the news are not great these days. Crises in the Middle East, Canada Shooting, Ebola, the passing of famous designer Oscar de la Renta, Pistorious finally in jail and now THIS!
Renee Zellweger's face! 

I almost forgot her....actually and now she is back! But what a way to make a return! 
Where is Joan  when you need her? I would have love to hear what she had to say about this! LOL

When it comes to plastic surgery..... do it if you feel the need! But please do it well. 
Her new face is.... well I have no words for that. 
I actually confused her a bit with Robin Right

I understand we all change, age is something we all have to deal with and lifestyle changes of course, but girl, where are your signature eyebrows?

Where is your signature smile?

And if you think I make a big deal, did you know on Twitter there is a new #?

And this is what she had to say!
I'm glad folks think I look different!
People don't know me in my 40s Perhaps I look different. Who doesn't as they get older?!

Let me know what you think about her new look! 

Carpe Diem


  1. To each their own, but wow, I seriously would not have recognized her anywhere. What an incredibly different transformation. Why, when you were already very famous and well known in your (highly visually charged) field would you so drastically change the way your face looks? She doesn't look bad now, just radically different and I can't help but think it will hurt her career from here on out.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Yes, kinda like the case with the dirty dancing star Jennifer Grey. After surgery nobody hired her. Sad.

  2. I don't think she had plastic surgery.
    She left her eyebrows grow naturally (they are not waxed anymore and also they are not well defined by make-up). Her lipstick has a natural color in contrast with her red lipstick in the first picture.
    So, try to define her eyebrows in your mind and put a red lipstick on her lips and you'll see she's not that different. :)
    The eyebrows change a woman face so much.
    I think she looks more pacefully now, she lost her glow because the make-up and her eyebrows are so different. And, of course, she's a little older now.


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