Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lesson of time.....

This is the first post of that kind on this blog and I hope that it will not be necessary to write another one like that.
Let me introduce you to somebody special.
 In 2008 New Zealand fashion week I  met a girl her name is Briana Lamb. She is a force of nature. Unfortunately Briana had a car accident and has now a long way to recovery.
You can follow her story on Facebook.
Like her friends form the US I am trying to help.
There is a donation fund established for her Please read on the link more.....

I will donate the next 5 SALES from my Illustration shop!
So if you ever wanted something form my Art shop, now is the time to do something good as well. Help, share, and donate!

Even if you don't need something from my shop, please make sure you  donate and help a stranger in need.

Life is short and a precious gift, be helpful, generous and kind. Good deeds will return to you!

Thank you very much for every share and donation! I will thank you with an additional gift from the shop! 
Always remember that you did something good, that will return to you! Helping somebody in need is the best you can do to keep humanity grounded! 

Carpe Diem!

XOXO Lorena 


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