Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Coffee and Lace make my day.....

A good cup of coffee is not daily on my wake up ritual but it's something I enjoy. 
Since we have a Nespresso machine we truly enjoy a good cup of freshly brewed coffee. 
Before I start to work on my Romanian Point Lace or my Illustrations

a good experimental cup is essential! 

Here is my little coffee recipe! 

Pick your favourite Nespresso capsule! 
I'm a sucker for Livanto....

In a  fine espresso glass, place a dash of ghee and condensed milk. 
Let it settle and stir carefully. 
Now let the Nespresso machine do it's beautiful magic. 

Try it! 
Do you experiment when it comes to coffee?
What is your coffee recipe?

Carpe diem



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