Sunday, August 10, 2014

34.... simply a number?

Today .... a different post. 
I normally don;t talk about myself and let my art and designs lead this blog. 
Friday I turned 34.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Is is simply a number or do I feel 34?

I believed turning 30 would change something..... you get older and wiser.... you see things differently. 
The answer: Yes and No! 

I can tell you only a few things that I learned over the years! 

Believe in yourself  because you are better than you think!
Give yourself more credit for what you do and be confident! You are in your life exactly where you suppose to be. 

Enjoy moments.... this is what you will remain with moments. 

Yesterday we celebrated- nice company and a great time. Music, food to remember, a good glass of wine and a dessert to die for. 
No, I'm not talking here only about food! It's a lifestyle- enjoy the taste of exquisite food and drinks and connect them with beautiful memories that you can cherish forever. This is what life is about. Carpe Diem! 

Find a way to start  your day with fun!

Yes, you read right - do something fun and your day will be better. You want to know what I do? I enjoy a good cup of tea or coffee, take a hot bath, listen to music and my day has already a god start. Dance when you brush! Smile! Bake something fun! 
Knit, Crochet or Romanian Point Lace! Sorry that's just me! 

I woke up yesterday finding out that I have 700Likes on my Romanian Point Lace Designs Page....
Good so people like what I do! 
I'm on the right direction.... stick to your plan and go for it! 
Oh please go and visit and if you like what I do leave me a message and like my work! 

Since I reached so many likes I would like to thank one of you with a little accessory that I create! 
Comment on this blogpost and let me know how you feel!
Like  my page and comment on it! 
Visit my  shop and give me some feedback! It;s much appreciated! 

Do what you feel is right for you! Eat what is right for you and not because somebody is telling you what is best. I recently changed my nutrition and I feel great- way to go Paleo!  I am at my dream weight 55 kg and rocking at! 
If you want to know how I did it, let me know and I will write some posts about! 

Speeding is pointless! 
It makes no sense. You will get there when you are suppose to! 

Don;t forget the engine that runs you is your mind! Make sure your thoughts are yours and not mumble jumble  that makes somebody else happy! 

Life is a precious gift and can be taken at any time! 

Laugh, think, make a difference, enjoy your life and explore your passion.
Dream big and don't try to please everybody! 

I used to believe that I need to make everybody happy and stressed myself out for nothing. I stopped doing this because life is toooooooooooooo short to make people happy who do not want to be happy and do not even appreciate it when you try it. C'est la vie! 
Remember one thing!

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Enjoy the moment! 


  1. Happy Birthday, darling!
    Love this post!


  2. Happy belated Birthday Miss! Great post, so positive!

  3. Oh Lorena dear, what a soulful, fantastic post and snapshot into the awesome lady behind this blog. Happiest 34th birthday, my sweet friend! I hope you have an amazing, fun filled, delightful year ahead!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica :) I am glad you like it. We had a great time!

  4. Happy, happy birthday! I hope you had a fabulous time celebrating 34. Take care! :)

  5. That last illustration says it all.

    Happy Birthday youngin' ; )



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