Saturday, July 12, 2014

Nude,beige and beaded

Nude, beige and beaded was born one morning when picking my favourite coffee pod from Nespresso 
Blame Livanto for this necklace! 

Staring in my coffee on a sunny morning, and following the nude, beige colours of the coffee and the milk made me think about a new design full or aroma, interesting shapes, flow of colour with a touch of classic black beads. 

I was on the move looking for my black beads the coffee inspiring cotton thread, hook and needles...

But wait... not without finishing my beloved Livanto! 

( Original Art is available here )

E voilà... a few hours later a new design was taking shape.....

Aren't the colours a dream?

Two days later a new necklace was born and ready to find a new owner!
Check out the details of the necklace in my etsy shop

Enjoy to be original, wear wearable art and drink a cup of coffee!

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