Friday, July 18, 2014

A touch of vintage

I have been working for quite some time on this canary yellow 40s inspired pullover and now it;s time to introduce it to the world. 
Originally it was for a musical and as I was doing research and collected   information on the topic, I contacted Jessica, who has a wonderful blog and Etsy Shop for some inspiration and advice on the 40s. 

After navigating her blog, searching for 40s style and getting in the mood for a new creative adventure, this canary yellow piece came together. 
The handmade design includes purl knitting and Romanian Point Lace elements with beautiful classic chic faux tear drop and round pearls. 
I have to admit that it took me some time to fall in love with the 40s. I'm more a 20s, 30s and 50s girl if I think of vintage but it kinda grew on me. 
The peplum top has a traditional border with hand made lace appliqué and a strong cord border.
The back is simple, elegant and has metal snaps like they were used in the 40s.  

I'm not longer part of this project, I guess it was not meant to be for me. It buried me down as a designer and I could not really express what needed to be done to make it great and to make it a success, so I had to leave. Looking back now I'm happy because I can do what I feel is good and right to give the 40s inspiration a great homage. 

The details of this piece are on top of the small cap sleeves embellished with Romanian Point Lace and faux pearls. 

I needed to keep the knitting simple but still having an effect on it the purl design was the best choice, 
It turned out beautiful. 
I hope you don't mind my jeans but my high waist black skirt is in the storage! 
It was made for a medium size actress, so you see it;s a but large on me.
I will have it soon in my Romanian Point Lace and Crochet Shop for sale shortly after the weekend.
So drop by! 

 Let me know what you think about this little piece, would you buy it, where would you wear it and how  much would you spend on it, knowing that you are the only one on the planet having it?!



  1. So beautiful!
    Happy weekend, darling :)


  2. The finished sweater came together sublimely, dear Lorena. That is one of my favourite colours ever. It's warm and classic, eye-catching, but not glaringly so, and so timelessly pretty. I adore how you added the white detailing here and turned this piece into a sublime fusion of old and new. As always, I am seriously doffing my hat in your direction, my sweet friend.

    Big hugs & many thanks for including me in this post and creation process,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica. Yellow was actually my first love when it comes to colour. I wish you a happy Monday!


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