Saturday, December 14, 2013

Food + Photo = Art

If you love food and art this is the right stuff for you!
I found an  amazing artist from Bucharest, Romania on Etsy
Dan Cretu is original!
Check out his Etsy Shop and you will dive into a world of colour and photography! 

Please go and Like the Facebook you will find wonderful images! 

So if you are still looking for a great Christmas Gift, how about a one of a kind art?

Dan's Art is incredible positive and fun! 
My favourite pieces are the zucchini-matchbox ,  seeds-soccer-ball  and this funky 

What is your favourite?

Thank you Dan Cretu Art for making the world more fun, beautiful and interesting with your art! 


  1. Awesome find! I've always really enjoyed well made food art like this. It takes such a creative eye and degree of skill. The matchbox here is my fave, but I look all of Dan's pieces. Thank you very much for the introduction.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. So fun!
    Love the soccer ball!



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