Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Old treasures need to survive....

I'm sure you have old recipes from your grand grandparents let me hear them.... I find it very interesting to know how people were cooking in the old old days for the family.

Let me give you one recipe I adore and that I will pass on to the next generation.

I remember as kids we called them 'izmene'- underpants :))))) to us they looked like that!!!

You want to know what you need ?Easy
- 3 eggs
- 2 yolk of eggs
-2 spoons of sugar
-2 tsp rum
-2 tsp oil
-250g flour
-oil to fry

Now I bet you want to know the next step! Chill aand find out!

Mix all in one large bowl and let the dough rest for 30min.
Watch tv to relax now! We used to play with our dolls! I was 7 back then!
Now go back to your dough roll it out and make it thin.
Cut long stripes, about 3 cm thick. After having all stripes in front of you, place the cutter on top of your dough and cut 7 cm. You look at 7x3cm rectangle dough shapes.
Now it's a bit crazy.
Cut about 1-2 cm in the middle of every rectangle.
Lift the rectangle up and try to put one end of the dough through the little cut. You look at some desert the looks like old long underpants, if you ask me:))))
After finishing all up place them in the hot oil that you were heating up a while ago.
After they are golden take them out and cover them with powder sugar.

I  believe it's time for a picture of these crazy deliciouse izmene...
Try it ... you will love it.

Now you know why I call them 'izmene'... don't they look to you like these old fashion type long underwear? 

Your turn now.... give me your old family recipe 


  1. Ai haz, Lorena. Ce nume le-ai gasit! Ungureste se numesc "csoroge", cu o-ul citit ca "oe".

  2. Nice blog!
    Have a great week-end!

  3. It sounds like a beautiful, very tasty recipe. :-))) I am not much of a cook, it is something I am hoping to learn later in life :-)

  4. They were my grandfather's favorite pies,
    I have never seen 10 - 12 years ago :(

  5. La noi li se ziceau MINCIUNELE si inca intr-un fel, insa nu-mi amintesc nici daca ma pisti cu ceara....
    Reprezinta gustul copilariei mele, alaturi de cozonac si cornulete facute cu osanza(reteta veche poate de sute de ani).
    Toate cele bune de pe Coasta de Vest a Americii!


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