Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flower of the God's

Have you heard of the bean of India?
I bet yes!!! It's the  beautiful flower of Hindus and Buddhists, also called nelumbo nucifera simply called lotus. See, you know it!
What do you know about this beauty? Did you knew that it can spread up to 3m in over 1m in height? Let's not forget the leaves that can grow up to 60 cm.
This plant is not only a rare beauty but it's also great for us in the kitchen.
The seeds, the young leaves and the roots are edible. The big leaves are great for wraping food.
Did you know you can pickle the roots in chili, sugar and vinegar? I never tried but I'm very curious. Have you tried? If yes, tell me how it is.
The seeds you can eat row or you can pop them like popcorn. I really want to try that one day.

Love the seeds. They look very intersting.
Have you ever tried lotus tea? It's amazing. A green tea very popular in Vietnam.
I hope it's not all that you htink about the lotus coz' it's history goes way deeper than tea and beauty.

It has been a divine symbol in asian cultures. It represants sexual purity.
Goddess Sarasvati is presented on a white lotus.
Lakshmi is standing on a pink lotus. The goddess of wealth, wisdom. and light, beauty, courage and luck.
The bean of India, the lotus represents eternity, it's a symbol of life, fertility and it's the beauty of the eye.
It is the God's favourite flower.

Buddha is often represented on a pink lotus. 

In Yoga we find the lotus position for meditation as main posture. The head is high and the body adopts a cross-legged seated position. It symbolises the reaching above, and pure knowledge, while being rooted in the material world. 

What is your favourite flower?


  1. nice, i'll try the tea first and then, if i'm still alive... :)

  2. Beautiful...Very exotic and so interesting!

  3. So, Why do you not like cats and dogs? I do not like worms and slugs but I do not include that fact in my bio.
    Your an odd introspective person and I like your blog. Then again, I like dogs and cats.

  4. Ptr Ivan Vasarin: Ma bucur ca va place postul :)

    Ptr TreXeL: Poate chiar iti place mai stii ;)

    For Couture Millinery Atelier.: I'm glad you had fun reading my post:)

    For DAVID McGRIEVEY: Thank you for reading my blog:) I have it on my bio coz it's a huge thing to me. All my friends know how crazy I am when it comes to animals.... some say comedy pure...

  5. Fantastice pozele tale. Atita culoare si gingasie numai natura poate oferi ochiului. Printre florile mele preferate se numara freziile, lilien( crinii?), trandafirii, bujorii, ghioceii, lacramioarele, viorelele...Ok inchei aici. Am sa te mai vizitez!


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