Thursday, December 3, 2009

Today, I was in the cooking mood! Do not be scared sometimes I can do it!!! So, I was thinking let´s makes come Crêpes but not as always.... 
My Crêpes not only taste different the colour is not the same as we all know it...
Now have a look:

I used the common chickweed and mixed it in the 
Crêpes dough. It looked poison green, cartoon style. 
Now,  I´m sure you ask about the taste! I can tell you that chickweed or so called Chickenwort, Craches, Maruns, Winterweed or Stellaria media taste very nutty and fresh. In German it´s called Vogelmiere. 
You can add it in pizza dough or in your bread dough. It taste fantastic and it makes your bread look special. A special taste with a special look. So on your next dinner party try to serve your 
 hors-dóevre on little pieces of chickenweed bread. All you need to do is cut them in tiny pieces and add them to the mixture. 

Would you try it? 


  1. Yes, I would try it. It looks delicious. Great post. Thanks for sharing that with us.

  2. Why not? I'm a person who eats almost anything... this is definitely worth trying.

  3. omg that looks so yummy, i want to eat that

    hey your blog is really cool
    and thank you for your comment.

  4. To Keith: Your welcome, tell me how it is when you tried it:) Wish a great weekend.

    To Leah: Great, have fun trying it out:)

    To Isquisofrenia Style: Thank you, try it I bet you like it:)

  5. Wow, awesome, looks so nice! The colour wouldn't put me off: I'll eat anything!


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