Tuesday, December 1, 2009

National day, let´s be patriotic....

Well since it´s national day in Romania my dear country and I´m not there, I guess I need to celebrate my way....
So do not imagine I sit there and sing the national anthem  next to a flag! I just remember what the country went through the past years....

Just the anthem was changed again and again .... Celebrate Dec 1st 1918 in Alba Iulia! Makes me even more proud because it´s close to my hometown and in Transylvania. 
From 1862-1884 we had Mars Triumfal
then from 1884-1948 Trăiască Regele (Long live the King....) Do not think it´s that short it´s just a first few lines...

Trăiască Regele        
În pace şi onor
De ţară iubitor
Şi-apărător de ţară.
Fie Domn glorios
Fie peste noi,
Fie-n veci norocos
În război.                  

Long live the King
In peace and honour
Loving his country
And defending it
May he be a glorious Lord
May he be over us
May he forever be lucky
In war
Let´s see then we had from 1948 - 1953 Zdrobite cătuşe ( Broken chains)

Zdrobite cătuşe în urmă rămân
În frunte-i mereu muncitorul,
Prin lupte şi jertfe o treaptă urcăm,
Stăpân pe destin e poporul

Broken chains are left behind
The worker is always in the front
Through fights and sacrifices a step we climb
The people are masters of their destiny

From 1953- 1977 Te slăvim Românie ("We glorify thee, Romania")
Te slăvim, Românie, pământ părintesc
Mândre plaiuri sub cerul tău paşnic rodesc
E zdrobit al trecutului jug blestemat
Nu zadarnic, străbunii eroi au luptat
Astăzi noi împlinim visul lor minunat.

We glorify you, Romania, our Fatherland
Proud lands under your peaceful sky are yielding
The cursed yoke of the past is smashed
It was not in vain that our heroic ancestors fought;
Today we're fulfilling their wonderful dream

And now the one anthem I had to learn till I it came out of my ears Trei culori ("Three colours")
from 1977-1989
Trei culori cunosc pe lume
Ce le ştiu ca sfânt odor,
Sunt culori de-un vechi renume
Amintind de-un brav popor.

Three colours I know in the world
And I hold them like a holy jewel
They are colours with an ancient fame
Reminders of a brave nation.

Ok let´s go to the last so far.... 1989- today

Deşteaptă-te, române, din somnul cel de moarte,
În care te-adânciră barbarii de tirani
Acum ori niciodată croieşte-ţi altă soartă,
La care să se-nchine şi cruzii tăi duşmani.

Wake up, Romanian, from your deadly sleep
Into which you've been sunk by the barbaric tyrants
Now, or never, your fate renew,
To which your enemies will bow to.

If you want to read all you can find more on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_anthem_of_Romania

I hope I did not make it way tooooooooooooooo long :)
So how many X did your country changed the national anthem?

And now let me say to all of you Romanians out there: La Multi Ani, Romania! La Multi Ani Romani!
Dar daca am voie de o parere, imi place mult mai mult Hora Unirii!

Hai să dăm mâna cu mâna
Cei cu inima româna,
Sa-nvârtim hora frăţiei
Pe pământul României!

La Multi Ani!


  1. La multi ani, Romania!
    La multi ani, frati romani!
    La multi ani, Lorena!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating this special day for your people. God bless you and God bless Romania.



  4. Ptr Lia: Multumesc:)! Iti doresc o zi frumoasa.

    To Keith: Thanks:)

    To Liya: Thank you I hope you had a nice day:)

    To Maison Chaplin: Sure I will check it out:)


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