Tuesday, October 13, 2015


In a world of Kardashians, be Diana.... show grace and style, sophistication and elegance with a little lace 

I know Kim has come far.... for what ever reason that is still a complete mystery! 
Trust me I'm not a hater and I'm not somebody who is jealous, but I don;t get it. If you do please explain to me....
Style wise I believe she is at her best at the moment.... in the past from my professional point of view as a trained fashion designer I have only one word shameful! 
You might say it;s hard but keep in mind when you have all the means in the world and money is not an issues, all the designers open  the door in front of you and you still look like you had no mirror at home, it;s ridiculous! There are no excuses! 

But it;s not all bad... I know we all have bad days but when you are in front of moving lenses 24/7 the game changes and you have to be perfect. 

And talking about lace... Kim pulled some great lace outfits... 

and some.... oh well! 

The latest pregnancy look is way better, well done Kanye! 

So be the best you can be and keep in mind the world is watching! 
Be an example and show the young girls that look up to you that you can be more than just another  tape....



  1. Sometimes she gets it right lol...
    Love the lace!


  2. Superbly said. Diana was one of the last celebrities who truly embodied grace and elegance, IMO. Was she a saint? No, of course not, but few of us are and she did some real good for this world while she was far too briefly in it. She thought of others, not just herself, and that is something that K Clan usually completely forgets about.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. In my opinion she is the perfect example of "money does not buy class":


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