Saturday, August 22, 2015

No excuses.....

Dressing up is not only a necessity but also the opportunity to show your personality. 
When I see people going through life by wearing every day almost the same boring clothes without putting any thoughts into it, it makes me sad and it;s disappointing to see that fashion is in most people's eyes something for snobs or folks with money. 

Take a look at these stylish people who despite the disability , they still get up, make an afford and look great! 

Simply admirable and fabulous to see. 
So I say, do your hair, put some make up on, I am not saying to go overboard, like this lady, 

but make yourself presentable 

Take a look at Jillian Mercado a fabulous fashion writer....All these fabulous people should be an example to all of us.

When I see images like that, 

it;s not only embarrassing, but a disgrace for a human to be allowed to leave the house like that! 

I say NO Excuses, call the fashion police! 

Joan would turn in her grave, seeing these people! 

Say no to slob fashion! You can look great, dress from K-Mart! The key is to make an effort! 

Life is to short too wear boring clothes! 

I see fashion as an art form.... You are the canvas! Make the canvas interesting! 



PS: What is your style and do you have an excuse for not giving your best?


  1. Agreed, darling!
    Some inspiring ladies here :)


  2. I totally agree - we have to make an effort.
    Nothing fancy or expensive, just presentable.
    Its showing respect for yourself and others.


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