Wednesday, April 29, 2015


This is not a political blog and I normally don;t discuss politics, the justice department, religion, etc.....  but I feel the need to speak out on the Bali9 execution..... 
My hopes were high that in 2015 the human brain would have been in a better condition, understanding and open minded..... but looks l like it;s still extremely primitive in some areas.....

Where is passion and compassion, humanity and forgiveness? To wake up and see that stubbornness and stupidly ranks first in politics is now confirmed! Thanks Indonesia, you really  proved a point! 

Shame on you Indonesia, you not only lost my respect but I think that the world looks on you with a different eye! 

I do not approve drug trafficking or other crimes, but when you see that negative individuals changed and did good in society for that last 10 years in prison and helped to improve not only the prison system but also to make a difference... it's sad to see that  a second chance is not given! 
If you need to get familiar with this case read here ...

RIP Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran

The drug problem will never stop in Indonesia or in other parts of the world.... it did not make a difference sadly  with the past executions and not with this one,  last night! 

How can be this execution justified when the Bali Bombers were set free? What does it say to the world that lives in terror ? You can be a terrorist and you get parole plus your jail time will be half .... but have some drugs on you and you will be executed by a barbaric fire squad!? Thanks Indonesia I feel much safer now! 

How will you Indonesia face Australia now when asking for help? For months Australia begged, pleaded with you and you were cold like a stone..... but suddenly for the holy dollar you were prepared to change your mind!? 

Again shame on you..... Indonesia you have blood on your hands! 
You did not gain anything by killing! 

My thoughts are with the families of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.....



  1. So incredibly sad! You would think we have come much further along so that things like this would not happen. Yet it's things like this that continue...Just so sad.

  2. I have not been watching news for the last weeks as I have been traveling for work. I had not heard of this, I am going to read the link you provided, from your post it seems it was barbaric.


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