Monday, February 23, 2015

Second Trimester....

Ah............... I can't stand CHOCOLATE! 
How is this possible?!!! I was a chocolate addict ( dark chocolate ) 

Time to do a blood test!
( all went well- but my Iron level, was lower as usual, due to the First Trimester! 
So pack on MEAT & EGGS!


Before the pregnancy my weight was 54/55kg 
In the first trimester almost nothing happen- no weight gain, due to the morning sickness I guess! 
In the second trimester I started to put weight on slowly!
I weigh now in my second trimester 64kg


In the first trimester I took Folic Acid and later on Vitamin C

During the second trimester we had a car accident. Somebody crashed into us and to make a long scary story short, our car the Jeep ( I used to call our car Jeepita- was damaged beyond....) 
Ambulance checked us and later on we went to the hospital. 
The safety belt wrapped we very tight on the belly and I was lucky that it did not break my ribs. I felt a pressure on my stomach and slightly panic started to take over. I know I had to stay calm for the baby, my husband and myself. 
RESULT: Baby is ok! 

At the end of the second trimester you can find out the sex of your baby! 

So far I was lucky and I fitted in almost all my clothes! Hurra! 
Now in week 20 it's time to go shopping! I hate maternity wear! I found nothing looked great! 
I am size 8 and I started to buy maxi dresses to feel comfortable ( TIP: Think long term! - you can wear these type of dresses after the pregnancy! 

I wear now only one pair of pants ( that I am comfortable in in- grey right top corner in the image below) I normally wear the pants when I go fro a scan. It;s light, organic linen and has a soft cotton band that hold my belly tight and nice. It is size 12 and I feel I loose the pants but once the pregnancy is over, I can roll the waistband down and wear it normal - to me the solution to pregnancy pants! 

I have in total a few dresses that I can all wear after the pregnancy ( casual and fancy) 

I am wearing a layered dress by Maxwell & Lucy 
It;s not a maternity dress! Can you tell I am almost 5 month? 
Bye bye high heels and welcome flats! I barely slipped into those! LOL



  1. So glad you are ok, darling!


  2. Hi Lorena, so glad to hear and see that you are doing well :)

    1. Yes, dear Lorena we are so exited all went well!

  3. Oh Lorena, what a tremendously terrifying experience to live through at any time, but all the more so when you're with child. Thank the universe that you and the baby (and anyone else in the care with you) are fine. I'm trembling, honestly, right now just thinking of what you went though and how the outcome could have easily been different. Again, thankfully it wasn't and you're both okay. I pray that nothing else like this will ever happen to you again.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. It was, dear Jessica! All is good now and we are exited to welcome the baby!


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