Monday, February 16, 2015

Pregnancy and Beauty Products

If you were reading the first post about pregnancy , you are waiting for this home made Stretch mark cream recipe!


I ordered some oils from this Etsy Shop

You will need Apricot, Wheat Germ, Sesame Oil - make sure it;s pure and organic!
Vitamin E Oil ( any good pharmacy will carry it)
Sorbolene cream ( I use the one from Enya) 
Natural Beeswax ( ordered it from a local organic shop) - try organic markets!
Essential oil ( I have three sent that I like and it did not change during the pregnancy - lavender, lemon grass and  peppermint) 


Melt the wax pebbles  in a water bath ( simmer- take your time!) 
When the wax is completely melted,  add slowly the oils- first the Apricot, Sesame and last the Wheat Germ- ( wheat germ oil is very strong- don;t use as much if you find the smell strong!) 
After that I added 4 TbS Vitamin E Oil

Stir it slowly and let it cool down a bit before you add the Sorbolene Cream - Fold the cream gently into the oil - Colour yellow/peach
Once you are satisfied with the consistency and the cream is not very liquidly, add the scent of your choice! 

I use all the oil I orders ( 4oz per oil) and half a bottle of sorbolene cream plus at least 300g of wax! 
I used a large quantity because I wanted to make a lot of cream to last during the whole pregnancy! 

I was watching this video and changed a bit the recipe! ( I left the vanilla out- since I don;t like the smell at the moment.) 

DEODORANT : I recommend QV since I can;t use Dove any more! 
I still use Love Spell  Mist ( I spray it on top of my clothes) 

When it comes to MAKEUP- I use it rare now and if it has to be organic! 

I use balms to massage my tired feet and back. 
My favourites are Zandu Balm and Afitson Balm
It relaxes your muscles. 



PS: I miss my perfumes and nail polish!  


  1. This post brings back a really special memory for me: when my mom was pregnant with my little sister (I was too young when she was carrying my brother), we had a nightly ritual where I'd rub vitamin E cream her tummy to help with stretchmarks. I know that sounds a bit strange perhaps, but it was so sweet and I loved to doing it because each day I got to feel connected with my (then) unborn sibling.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. What a cute little story dear Jessica! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!


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