Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Welcome December, Welcome Summer!

Today is the second day of Summer here in Australia.... Spring was already a boiling time and now we are officially baking!

I live in beautiful Queensland and if we are lucky at 8 am it;s not 30 degree already. 
People are getting into the Christmas season and it;s a fun atmosphere with Santa at the beach, Christmas decorations all over and shopping galore. 

Growing up in Europe I am used to a cold, snowy and very different winter. 
Cozy clothes, cold, snow, traditional Christmas food, Gluehwein, Christmas markets covered with the smell of spices, and kids making snowmen. 

But I start to love it here..... I am a summer child and can't get enough of heat and sun. 
Living in New Zealand for a few years, I was missing the sun and dry weather. 

Enjoy December where ever you are! 



  1. Aaaah...Summer! Although, I can't complain, really, because California weather is nothing like the super cold winters that the rest of the U.S. get. But I would love to visit Australia right now. =0)
    Wear the sunglasses for me, Lorena!

  2. I can't immagine such a different and hot Christmas :D
    Fabrizia - Cosa Mi Metto???

  3. Even if it's only once, I would sooo love to travel somewhere warm and have a roasty-toasty Christmas. That's a contradiction of terms here in Canada (unless one is sitting right in front of the fireplace :D) and surely must be a very cool thing to experience for the first time.

    ♥ Jessica


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