Friday, September 19, 2014

In the mornings...

When it comes to morning job rituals, I try to keep it simple. Checking emails and answering phone calls, is one and after that the game of social media can start.....

Do you have any morning rituals, when it comes to your job?
While drinking my coffee or tea, I try to upload images with new products, introducing new designs to my beloved followers on Instagram ,  Twitter and of course let's not forget the Romanian Point Lace Facebook and the Illustration Fashionista Art Facebook fans.

Keep in on touch and showing the little pleasures in life like a great Nespresso Coffee, is a little thank you to all of you who, follow, ask and are interested in my work. 

Are you a lover of Nespresso? If yes, what is your favourite?
I am truly a sucker for Livanto and the new limited edition Cubania. 
You have to try it, before it's gone! 

The same goes for my illustrations.... keeping my dear followers in touch with the latest illustrations, is a pleasure and a must! I have to admit that my monthly newsletters for both Romanian Point Lace and Fashionista Art are slightly late. I try my best to keep up with everything and sometimes, it just slips away form me.  

How do you keep up with the social media madness and everything else?

Carpe Diem and a Great Weekend! 


  1. If you've ever been Miami, the n'espresso bar is just absolutely wonderful! Coffee gets me through the day. Your art is beautiful as well :)

  2. Gorgeous pieces, darling!
    Love your routine too :)


  3. In love with the sketches! Don't worry dear, take your time!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???


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