Friday, August 29, 2014

MTV Award 2014..... Surprises

The MTV Awards are always something I am waiting for. As a fashion designer this is the dream.... You can go crazy, it's MTV.... 
And this year were some surprises.... good ones and bad ones! 
Miley you rock! This Alexandre Vauthier bandeau leather pants is gorgeous. Perfect for a young, diva in the music business. 

Rita Volk rocking a lace dress....
It's MTV so rock it, but I'm not sure about the V at the crotch area. But I'm a sucker for lace!
I would have changed the clutch. 

Jennifer..... you rock in Versace.... I know this dress  has way tooooo many splits and cuts but Jennifer's can rock it. If you have a great body at 42 show it! 

Beyonce.... Gorgeous in the black lace dress. The full cover up dress is funky, rocking and chic at the same time. 

Rita Ora ..... it kinda reminds be a bit of Marilyn Monroe in this dress..... It looks good and she can wear it just fine. The Donna Karan dress is fabulous. 

Gwen Stefani wearing a candy pink L.A.M.B. She wears all the time rocking outfits and I was kinda expecting a bit more rock! But she looks great. 

Kendall Jenner is tall, young and can wear almost everything. Not many people can rock a wide-leg suit. 
Note*: If you want to wear  wide leg pants, make sure you are al least 1.70m -otherwise stay away! 

Taylor Swift.... to me it's a YES and NO at the same time. Love the fabric and the colour. It's wonderful that the sleeves are long and she has the body to wear it. I'm not into the shoes and believe a golden heel would be perfect for it. 

Demi Lavato in Lanvin rocking a gorgeous red dress. 
Note* When you have a red dress, and golden heels, a red clutch might be a bit much. I am not saying you should match the clutch to the heel ( but I love the traditional fashion style matching clutch with heel)specially when you are at the MTV Awards but another colour would have been really funky.  

Nicky Minaj.... I actually love it. It's funky and looks great on her. Perfect dress for such an event. 
But did you expected something else from her? I was thinking something more rocking and edgy... It's MTV and you are Nicky Minaj! Rock it - be naughty! This is almost toooooooooooooo shy! 
Note* SMILE! 

 Kim.... wearing Balmain. Kim you are short! I love Balmain but this is not great on you. The sleeves are large on you and drag you down. Show what your mama gave you and let us see your curvy figure. Rock the hips and don't squeeze them into  this mini! I love your heels but they make your leg shorter!
Note* If you have short legs, wear a heel that does not come up to your ankle! It looks like you cut it off and it ruins the whole look. 
This dress is more a runway dress and the inspiration were folk designs. When you think Kim Kardashian you don't think FOLK and TRADITION!
Sorry guys I am just giving you the abc's of fashion. 
Her stylist should have told her!

Solange.... I normally love her looks on all red carpets but this one does not work for me.Gorgeous heels, and pants, but the jacket is ...... well I don't need to look for words...

Oh Amber Rose.... I believe she could have been a bit more creative. She is so gorgeous but this dress reminds me toooooooooo much of ... look on the right! The chain dress has a better but but still.It's like something is missing. I believe that something with leather underneath would have been great. 
But I have to say the back of the dress looks better! 

Rihanna... are you serious??!! A luxurious bathrobe for the MTV awards?
Very disappointing. 
Did you expected more? I did for sure! 

Katy Perry.... Same here I expected more! The homage on Britney Spears..... but c'mon! 
It's MTV.... all she did is to remind us of a stupid look! 
You could have rocked so many outfits! Why?!

And now some guys to be fair! 
Usher.... He always looks great but I love him in a suit. 

The Hoff... He is always looking great on the red carpet. Way to go David! 
Love the blue! Black is sometimes tooooooooooo much! 

And how can I close this post without mentioning Conan O'Brien!?
He just makes you smile... but I like that subliminal message in this outfit!  

What were your surprises at the MTV Awards 2014?

Carpe Diem,


  1. I like rita Volk and Kendral dresses!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

  2. Tee-hee-hee, Rihanna's dress, though lovely in a way, does resemble a bath robe, I agree. Great recap of this year's awards. We don't have cable, so I don't get to catch many awards shows live any more and it's always fun to catch on who wore what to them through posts like this.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I am glad you like the post! Happy Sunday!


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