Saturday, March 15, 2014

Galleries & Moi

Galleries are such a magic place. You enter one and you loose yourself in another world.... A magical world of art is in front of you and you dive into a fantasy, dream, think and refresh your mind.

You can find my original pieces on Artfuly

Two unique, bold, feminine and extravagant fashion inspired pieces are waiting for you! 
Please visit and enjoy! 

If you are a fan of prints, I believe DegreeArt is the right place for you. 
On DegreeArt you can find limited edition piece, like 

Australian inspired Art you can find on ArtMeGallery

If you have any enquiries, commissions you can reach the galleries or get in touch via blog, email, 

So get in touch and be original - but some funky bold and feminine fashionable art on your wall! 

Happy Weekend!

PS: How do you enjoy Galleries?  


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