Thursday, February 20, 2014

Raw Artist Brisbane.... I am Raw!

A while ago I have been telling you all that I will be part of Raw Artist Brisbane! 
It was on Valentine's Day and we had a lot of fun.

That's the wall at the beginning of the show.... after a while it started to bare.
People flowing in and the frame started to strip!

Most popular and I did not have enough of them...

They are available to purchase in the Etsy Shop

As well as....

So what is your favourite pick from all?

Enjoy and Carpe Diem! 


  1. This is when looking bare is a good thing. Congrats on the success. I really like the two most popular, especially the first one.

  2. Love these drawings!

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  3. Congrats, that's amazing! love all of them but particularly the Carrie one :)


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