Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hearts, Love and Louboutins - Happy Valentine's Day

For all of you who celebrate Valentine's Day, 
Happy Valentine's Day! 

I created a special print for you ladies! 

I love you more than my Louboutins....

You can download the print instantly form the Art Shop

Print it out and Voilà your one of a kind gift is ready to go! 

Enjoy and have fun! 
Lorena :) 


  1. Lovely print, darling!
    Happy v day!


  2. Hi,sweetheart Lorena!

    Thankyou SO much for you visit:)*

    I must smile when I saw you new Valentines's Day card....
    Just lovely!!!


  3. This is smashing, dear Lorena! I've never owned any of these famous red soled shoes and can only guess as to if I will or won't, but I still - like so many women the world over - love them as though I did have some in my closet. So I couldn't help but smile ear-to-ear about the caption on this beautiful piece of art. :)

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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