Friday, December 6, 2013

Wrap in style - make sure people remember your gifts!

Wrapping is the foreplay to the pleasure of Christmas Gifts! 
A  good gift starts with the right wrap. 
Wrap your gift in style and make it a small event. 
You don;t need to spend a lot of money on gift paper... after all we will throw the paper away!
When I wrap my gifts I make sure that the gift tag is one of a kind!
I use simple wrap paper and I make it all about the gift tag, because this is the part where you find your name on it!
It should be special and personal. 
I keep the tags from all my gifts, and I like to remember who part of this gift, when I received it, etc...
So make your gift special, make people remember you! 

If I use perfume bottle gift tags, I make sure that I spray my tags with the right perfume! 

Since I illustrate fashion related art, I created gift tags, that are chic, elegant, cute, bold, colourful and feminine! 
You can purchase the tags in the Etsy shop! 

You can even purchase the PDF Version and wrap in style last minute! 

And if you are a fan of red lipsticks this might be the tag for you! 
Happy Holidays and make sure you use the coupon and get 30% off if you spend 30$ in the shop! 

Happy Holidays Shopping! 



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