Saturday, March 30, 2013

Introducing Iulia Goran a Romanian Treasure

Today I want to introduce to all of you something different.... a Romanian Treasure by the name of Iulia Goran.

This wonderful woman is embroidering traditional Romanina folk wear all her life and makes Le Blouse Roumaine not only famous in Romania but all over the world. Her hands create magic and keeps the deep rooted tradition alive.

Iulia Goran learned sewing  and embroidery from her mother, her sisters and later on at school. later on Mrs. Goran worked in the tourist industry and in winter in traditional folk workshops. In 1978 Iulia started to work in Bucharest for a company that creates traditional folk costumes. From there on here journey staretd  into the world of embroidery and goes on and on.

She is very thankful to her mentor Olga Horsia who showed her to develop this art.

What inspires you about Le Blouse Roumaine and when did you started?

I started to embroider blouses called IE, at the age of 13 and never looked back. I was born 1950 in Moldova, here girls, sew, embroider, crochet, point lace, etc... it's not only tradition but it's something you bring into the familly you marry like a dowry. I always get inspired by very old patterns that are 100's of years old.  Most of my activity is around Wallachia, were my husband is from. I found a lot of pattern from his family and my grandmother.

What are the steps to create Le Blouse Roumaine and how long does it take to create one?

There are three steps.... first of all you have to pick the fabric, melted cotton and the color you want to work with. For women you work on the softer cotton canvas and for men you use a thinker fabric.

Wash the fabric with water and soap. Dry it and iron it with care. The pattern size for creating a IE  is 3m x 90cm. Start with cutting the front, the back and the sleeves. When it comes to sleeves you have three sizes, short, 3/4 and long. Print and dry with care the embroidery. This step is crucial for the next step.
It's time to start the embroidery. Your needle is your best friend. Everything is done by hand.

To me it's haute couture....

It's time to sew the pieces together and complete the blouse. The next step is to create the neckline. The design around the neck is called 'cret'. It basically means that you pull together the fabric in a  semi round shape to create  the neckline.
It's a crucial step to create the signature lok of the IE. To create a IE it takes aproximative almost two months.

                            Do you have a favorite design that you like to work with?

     Oh yes, I do ! It's called 'creasta cocosului' rooster ridge.  I pick the color block  red/black or      red/white, blue/white, or simply one color. red, black, pink, green, maron, etc...I also create with black and white. I always try to include the specific designs from Wallachia.

                                                Where can we find your products?

I am selling in connection with Folk Artisans Association in Romania, different markets, online, museums, village museum, Astra, Folk Art Museum Constanta and different other events. 

Please visit her website and discover wonderful designs

I received orders all over Romania, the US, Germany, Italy, Jordan, etc... 
I have to admit that I am overwhelmed, by the enthusiasm that I receive by Romanians living outside the country. They have a great appreciation for the IE and a great respect fro the tradional costumes. 

I hope you liked the introduction, feel free to explore the IE and discover that along the centuries it was and still is a treasure not only for Romania but it put Romania in the spotlight in the fashion world. Many fashion houses use the IE and create wonderful designs based on this original pattern. The same goes for art... Matisse's paintings are inspired by Le Blouse Roumaine. 

If you are from Romania, be pround that is part of your culture and keep it alive- wear the IE!   


  1. Lovely interview and illustration!
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  2. that print on her blouse is so beautiful! great interview:)

  3. What a wonderful woman, wonderful post and your illustration is amazing as usual!


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