Thursday, May 17, 2012

Custom wedding illustration

A wedding is special so why not celebrate your special day with a custom wedding illustration! 
Make it special and surprise your groom or bride with a hand made illustration! 
This wedding illustration was done for a wonderful couple that celebrates it's wedding in Cabo! 

For more info contact me in the shop!

Stay Vogue!


  1. Wow, you are one talented lady! These are just beautiful! Whilst I'm not getting married any time soon, this would make a lovely present to someone who is! :)

    Thank you for your sweet comment! :) I love your blog and am following you now!

    Hope you'll come and pop by again. :)

    <3 Mandy xx

  2. What a cute idea, I'll be sure to remember it for the future!

  3. You are the winner of my latest giveaway! Please send mailing address! Isabelle xx

  4. Such a good idea!
    I hope you have a lot of success your work is gorgeous


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