Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another illustrator ... Zhenya

Today I want to introduce you a wonderful illustrator,  Zhenya! She is a talented  illustrator and did a great illustration for me!
I asked her to be part of this post because I want to show to you guys that Illustration is a form of art and that it takes time to create such a unique piece!

The illustration that she did for me is wonderful and I thank her again and again! It's a combination of fashion and  architecture!

To get to this result I want you to have a look at these other images! 

Practice is a must in every profession! Here in what we do are the details, eyes, nose, lips, etc...

Zhenya graduated from the Irkutsk State Technical University and she is an architect. Fashion is her passion! She works in a large design institute. All her inspiration comes from her projects, different blogs, videos, photos form past shows and photo shoots. 

 Here you can admire her talent as an architect! 

She did her first sketches in 2009 for a competition which she won! Congrats! 
Zhenya sews clothes for her sister and herself. She likes to come up with new ideas and illustrations. 

Like we all, Zhenya has a dream! What's that dream is you want to know?
PARIS! - to live and work in Paris and to visit the Fashion House "Chanel" 

Oh Chanel.... I want to move IN! 

She started to draw face and struggled with them, like me! Every illustrator has his challenges I guess! 
Ears, noses, neck, hands or feet! 

I think you can see in all her illustrations that she paints with her heart! Her faces some to life on paper! 

From an illustrator to another, this is what I made for Zhenya! 

For Zhenya! Thanks again and warm hugs! 
Check her blog out! 

Stay Vogue! 


  1. omg your skills are amazing,! how can we get an ilustraton from you?C:'hahaha

    can't wait to see you on my blog again!.


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