Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hello Kitty goes Diva!

Hello Hello Kitty lovers and Junkies! I was creating a new style of Hello Kitty gift boxes! 
I gave her some makeup, made her look like a stylish little diva that she is! 
Have a look and let me know what you think! 
Divalicious Hello Kitty is available in my little fashionable shop! 


Of course the stylish always funky and cute Hello Kitty! 

Now that she is in Elle, I was thinking she can go more Diva!

Hello Kitty you rock! 

The result: 

A stylish Hello Kitty gift box! 

If you want a gift box like that, pop in my shop! 

If you would like me to personalize a Hello Kitty gift box for you contact me! 


  1. ahahua really funny hello Kitty!!
    Like your blog, if you want we can follow each other! Let me know!
    On my blog there is my first giveaway, you can win a beauriful accessory Be Chic (Italian line). I'll wait you :)

    have a nice sunday!

    xoxo K.

  2. These are great!!

    Thanks for following and following you back :)

  3. What a wonderful take on such a loved lil Kitty. Fantabulous Hello Kitty gift boxes!

  4. omg trebuie sa-mi fie rusine ca la virsta mea ma fascineaza hellokitty? nuuuuuuu o ador

  5. I love it. You gave it your own touch in such a nice way.

    it surely is a stylish hello Kitty git box.

    Following from interactive blogging

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  7. Thanks guys for the wonderful comments!


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