Thursday, January 13, 2011

What is your Outlook on the world?

What is your Outlook on the world? Who are you today, it mid not be who you are tomorrow? What do you think about life the world we live in ?

Life is about what we take with us.... just what we can feel on an emotional level, what we can touch, see, experience, who we spend our moments with and  enjoy!

Art shows you aspects of life, inspires you, gives you the opportunity to walk into different minds! It's pure seduction, tragedy, pain, meaning in life, joy and it's a journey around the globe. 

Art is life, to walk in a museum and have a look at an original Degas and dive into his ballerina paintings or

enjoy the vibrant colours on a van Gogh, priceless!
When you start to understand art, you will start to understand life, the human race, the world you live in and the purpose in life.
Drink  a good bottle of wine, walk on the streets and discover it's past... Have you seen the Mother of cities- Prague? No, go for it! How about Venice, a little bit of Russia, Greece, the London area? Go see the world, eat  and indulge in a great Mediterranean feast, discover the secrets and beauty of Romania  and see some beautiful traditional clothes that inspire even the big fashion houses like YSL

Did you ever went to a live concert? It will blow your mind, it will make you cry of joy... it's so incredible that it will stay with you as long as you remember... the music enters into your body, a creative experience that you have to get hooked into! - It is a remarkable human achievement!

What is your culture? Do we really understand the world without knowing culture? The world we live in is based on our cultures.... they define who we are!
Spend time and look around you, do not forget that you get out what you put in! 
You experience life in a simple food market, just when you have a look how people deal with food the basic ingredient for us to socialize, to have fun, to enjoy and survive! 
We know the world thou art... artists showed us how the world was and they still do! 
How else would have we known what people were about when it came to fashion? Thomas Gainsborough 1785- The Morning Walk....

So feed your mind every single day! Knowledge is power and something that nobody can take from you! 
So always remember you get out what you put in!



  1. My dear Lorena, you impress me every time...
    Such a wonderful article...thank you!

  2. nice article.....a true inspiration:)ai ganduri bune, daca le vei pune si in practica o sa-ti implinesti visele, sunt sigur de asta:)

  3. Absolutely wonderful post, darling!
    I love art and music and all culture....
    I do try to feed my mind every day!


  4. degas is one of my favorites, i love how he captures the dancers.

  5. I love visiting some place new and drinking in the culture.

  6. I'm definitely feeling your outlook here! Art is in every aspect of our lives, some are just to hardened to see! If that made any sense....

  7. this is a great post it really makes you think :)
    I love the last picture that painting is gorgeous!

  8. Thank you so much for the lovley comments!!!

    Oh, I love van Gogh!! and his painting of the ballerina is so amazing beautiful!!!

    johanna, sweden

  9. Thank you guys :) I am glad you like my little article!

  10. i just realized i didn't wish you a happy new year, i know it's way too late....

    but: i wish you a wonderful week :)


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