Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas in the land of the long white cloud!

It's my 2nd Christmas in Auckland NZ and I wish you all a great time and a Happy New Year!
Enjoy the time around the people you love and hope for a better 2011!
I have to say I do not feel like Christmas 'coz outside it's hot! We are sliding into summer here In NZ and I really do not feel like Christmas as I know from Europe with snow and fatty great food!
So what we will do here? Well a bbq I guess!

Love the deco in the city! 
Wish you all a great time! 


  1. Sarbatori fericite si La multi ani! xo

  2. I want to wish you Lorena a wonderful peaceful and blessed Christmas and may you have a Merry Christmas spent with all your loved ones and friends and family and may the Joy of Christmas be present throughout your life forever.

  3. La multi ani, un 2011 rodnic cu prieteni aproape.

  4. Looks great! New Zealand looks amazing! I hope to visit one day. Have fun!

  5. love the sculptures of christmas baubles!


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