Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What if????

You know these moments when you ask the What if Q???....

What if I was thinner?

My answer: No thanks! I know I need to get rid of 3 kg but  hey c'est la vie! You can try but it's not the most important thing in life. 

 What if I was not looking the way I do?

My answer: Well, maybe we all ask that, don't we? If you are a morena you want to be a sexy blonde, if you have straight hair you want it curly... the list can go on and on.... What I  learned over the years is that, no matter what be happy with what you have. You are unique! 

 What if I would win the lottery? - well first I need to buy a ticket!... What if, what if.....????

I say never give up and play sometimes..... 
I do not believe in luck.... I believe in meant to be!

The most important thing is that when we start to ask the big What if Q? is that we keep in mind that nobody can replace us and we are the way we are because we all have something special. 
Enjoy your life and let the What if Q slip a bit....


  1. I ask myself so many "what if?" questions all the time. I think it's probably something quite natural.

  2. oh fancy indeed!
    what a delightful post!
    splendid! x

  3. Loooove it :))))

  4. What a great post - it really is important to ignore the "what if" and just enjoy the moment and who you are now.

  5. I know it! I dropped the What if? a while ago. It is a terrible virus. Thanks for posting and thank you again for my blog award! Love it!!!!


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