Friday, July 23, 2010

Think pink...

Dear Oana I will try and let's hope I find a picture that looks ok somehow... ha ha! Well as you know I was not in a pic taking mood lately. But I find to myself step by step again.

I'm in the middle with the shades. (3 years ago) I forgot my glasses at home so I had to take the shades to have a clear vision. And I tell you some were thinking: Who is that high nose bitch with the shades inside??? But hey I'm in the fashion business so everything goes... Fashion is a bitch!  ha ha

And there is one more picture I like (took it  just currently ) 

So any wrinkle action? 

Ok, now the other hard part 6 things that are positive....

1.Fashion ideas come damn easy to me.
2.I love tea and drink it like crazy- I hope it's good
3. Love to make babies smile
4.Love to sing -not sure if I have a voice ( I still say it's good)
5. Addicted to classic movies 
6. I could never get bored. I never was and I do not think I could ever be. I always find something to put my brain to work.  

Ok I have to pass it on to 6 other bloggers!

Well, thank you Oana and I hope you have fun with the pictures and my 6 answers. 

Well, have fun and pass it on ....


  1. Thank you. I love classic movies too. :)

  2. Tea is an amazing drink complete with equally amazing benefits, especially of the green tea variety. I have my shelf quite stocked with it. :)

    Amen to classic movies! I never get tired of watching the old greats (though I'll be the first to admit there's a bunch I have yet to see). I love movies like The Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer, The Philadelphia Story, His Girl Friday, Arsenic and Old Lace, Captain Blood, etc. I miss seeing the quality of those films. It's really sad that screwball comedies have fallen out of favour.

    I am slightly confused, what exactly are we supposed to do if we're tagged? (I've got the jist that we're to write 6...positive (?) things...and throw in a couple pictures, but I'm not sure what exactly)

  3. Lorena,presupun ca oamenii creativi sau cei care apreciaza arta nu se plictisesc prea des. :)
    Imi plac pozele.Pe a doua am mai vazut-o si am retinut-o pentru ca porti una din creatiile tale. Repet,ti-a iesit super. ;)

  4. I love classic movies myself. I watch them all the time.

  5. thanks for thinking of me! I've been on vacation and will try to catch up!! hugs doll

  6. Thanks Lorena,I am honored to answer...
    Two more days to finish my summer classes, and then I will have time to look for some picture!
    Love yours picture, the second one...

  7. I am in a hurry...sorry for the mispelling!
    "pictures" not picture....and "your" not yours.

  8. I am happy you all had fun with my post:) and wish you a great Saturday! Welcome back Tartoras!

  9. I love tea-it is good for you so keep drinking! It is full of anti-oxidants!

    I think you look great with your sunglasses on too-very stylish!

    Best wishes,


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