Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tea party...

Today I have been invited to a tea  party :) lovely.... Multumesc

I have to pick 5 famous people to invite to my tea party .... Well who would I invite....?

1- Johnny Depp : for a little pirate show
2- Karl Lagerfeld: coz I'm really into fashion
3- Kimora : just for the fab life the the funny look she can give
4- Betty Davis: I bet this lady has a lot to tell...
5- Anna Wintour: just to hear the details from Vogue 1st hand ;)

So I will pass the tea party on to:



  1. Can I just attend your tea party? Your guests are fabulous. Hahaha! xoxo

  2. Hi,darling Lorena!-)*
    Such a sweet and lovely invitation to a tea party,wow,
    Thank you thank you,thank you!!!:-)))*
    Wish you a very sunshine Mom day,
    Love and hugs,


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