Friday, April 23, 2010

Landmarks I want to see...

Forbidden City 

Abu Simbel 

Machu Picchu

Potala Palace

Alhambra Granada 

Here are just a few pictures of the places I want to see one day... What about you?


  1. I would love to see all of these places too! I would love to go to Egypt and see the Pyramids and I would also love to walk along the great wall in China.

    Best wishes to you for a great weekend,

  2. Sunt locuri care suscita si interesul meu, Lorena.

  3. Italy, Italy, Italy....especially Tuscany, Frorence, and Rome...and .....just Italy!!
    Apoi as vrea sa revad neaparat Grecia...e asa de aproape de sufletul meu!!!
    Frumoase locuri vrei sa vezi tu...Lorena draga!

  4. Wow, I've never heard of Potala Palace! It's magnificent!
    I'd love to visit Moscow and China the most :)) And see the Northern lights in Scandinavia! <3
    If you have the time, check out my blog and definitely feel free to comment or even follow? :)))

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by :) I'm biased as i'm from China...but The Forbidden city is a MUST see!


    Closet Full of nothing

  6. Souds like a grand plan! I would love to see each one of this places!:-) I am wishing you wonderful week and thank you so very much for you kind and generous words about my hats.:-)

  7. To Natasha: The Great Wall sounds good to me too:) I wish you a great day.

    To Ivan Vasarin: Ma intreb acuma cate locuri minunate nu sunt inca descoperite.

    To Tartoras: I went to Italy and it rocks. It's a must and I hope you find your way down there :)

    To Pixie Dust: Potala Palace is in Tibet :) The northern countries are interesting.

    To Closet Full of Nothing: You are right it's a must:)

    To Couture Millinery Atelier.: You are more thn welcome. You are very talented.

  8. Oh, definitely ones I need to add to my never ending list! I do have to admit that I fell in love with Italy - loved the Greek Orthodox Theathre in Taromina, the Almafi Coast is to die for, the Duomo in Florence is an amazing site as are all the wonderful spots in Rome. I must tell you though that I was very surprised with how much I loved Croatia and the Great Walled City is spectacular! Hope you get to see them all!



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