Friday, January 15, 2010

Detox day 5

I have to say that day 3 was a bit hard at the end.... bread you can imagine!!!!
Now I'm already finishing the 1st week and I feel very good. I feel light and I'm not hungry.

Day 2: On arising: Long Life Cocktail
            Before Breakfast: 8 ounces of hot water with lemon juice
            Beakfast: Smoothie ( banana, watermelon, plum)
            Midmorning snack: Big piece of watermelon
            20 min before lunch: 1 glass of cranberry water
            Lunch: 3 hard boiled eggs with mixed salad
                       1 glass cran-water
            Midafternoon: 2 glasses of cran-water
            4p.m. snack: 3 small apricots
            20min before dinner: 1 glass of cran-water
            Dinner (7.30): 1 piece of bbq lamb with salad
            Midevening( 9.00) Long Life Cocktail

Day 3:

 Almost all the same just a different smoothie and turkey meat on the bbq (without the skin ) but I had a little piece.
Snack: different fruits

Day 4

Different smoothie and different snack fruits, turkey salad but no skin today!

Now let's go to the interesting part of the detox!!!

Yeah, I know still no scale:(

Measurements: Bust: still the same!
                       Waist:75cm -first day I had 78cm
                       Hips: 102cm -first day 104cm
Budha belly is shrinking!!! :)

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